Refer Your Patient to a Clinical Trial

A clinical trial does not have to be a patient’s last resort — patients can participate in a clinical trial at any point along their cancer journey.  Whether your patient has just been diagnosed with cancer or has already tried multiple types of treatment, they may want to participate in a clinical trial. 

At the University of Illinois Cancer Center, we encourage providers to frequently look for cancer clinical trials that may benefit their patients.

Find a Clinical Trial

If you believe that your patient would be a good candidate for one of our trials, or you would like to learn about opportunities for your patient to take part in a trial, please reach out to the University of Illinois Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office at:

Phone: 312-355-5112

Email: [email protected]

Following a Patient’s Progress

When a patient begins a clinical trial, they may sign a release allowing the researchers to keep their provider informed along the way. If they do sign, the researchers will keep you informed of your patient’s status throughout the trial.

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