University of Illinois Cancer Center Partners

UI Cancer Center Partners

Promoting health equity in cancer care requires teamwork. At the University of Illinois Cancer Center, we work closely with our valuable partners to create equitable access to cancer awareness and care in minority and underrepresented communities. 

We are intentional about meeting the unique needs of our partners, communicating openly, and tailoring our engagement according to the respective goals of our partners and the community. 

Our partners are the trusted gatekeepers of the community — and they are critical in increasing outreach, engagement, and access for people who may not be linked to care and research. 

The information our partners share with us informs our academic faculty to work on more direct solutions and formulate research questions that are responsive to communities. 

University of Illinois Cancer Center Partnerships

University of Illinois Cancer Center is proud to partner with the following organizations:

Levels of University of Illinois Cancer Center Partnership

Each Cancer Center partner is integral to meeting the cancer needs of our communities. Partnerships may vary and change with time based on the level of engagement and structure of each partnership’s goals, expectations, and interdependencies. The levels of community partnerships include: 

  1. Communicate: Inter-agency information share, such as networking
  2. Cooperating: Information interaction on specific, discrete activities or projects
  3. Coordinate: Organizations systematically adjust and align work with each other for greater outcomes
  4. Collaborate: Longer team interaction based on shared mission and goals; involves shared decision making and shared resources
  5. Integrate: Fully integrated programs, planning, and funding 

Adapted from: The Tamarack Institute

See Our Partnerships in Action 

Community Engagement and Health Equity Office Annual Report

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