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community engagement health equity office: partnerships enhancing cancer care

Take Action at UI Cancer Center

Bringing high-quality cancer awareness and care to everyone and reducing cancer disparities is at the heart of the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

At UI Cancer Center, we accomplish this by developing partnerships with our community, including UI Health and local and national organizations.

Every year, we work with our partners on cancer prevention, care, and research — and we have seen positive results in our community:

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The Community Engagement & Health Equity Office

Our vision is to create equitable access to cancer awareness and cancer care in minority and underrepresented communities.

The UI Cancer Center Community Engagement and Health Equity Office (CEHE) is a unique community-centered office that engages communities within our catchment area and beyond to decrease cancer burden and increase cancer awareness and access across the cancer care continuum.

Our team carefully investigates the needs of our community members, and fosters services and research to meet those needs. Our role at the UI Cancer Center is to:

  • Build relationships with community partners
  • Conduct best practices through community navigation to increase access to cancer screening and cancer care
  • Disseminate project outcomes to UI Cancer Center programs
  • Advocate for policy changes that are responsive to the communities we serve

We utilize an integrated population health and health disparities framework to ensure that those outcomes inform UI Cancer Center programmatic research. 

Our Mission

The mission of the CEHE office is to be a resource in developing, supporting, and integrating community focused cancer prevention initiatives and research to reduce cancer inequities.

Our Focus

In order to execute the vision and mission of the office, we have identified four priorities:

CEHE Priorities

How We Can Help Your Organization and Community

Every partnership is unique. We work with each of our partners to understand their needs and how we can collaborate to ultimately improve health outcomes for the communities we serve. Our resources and areas of expertise include:

  • Partnership assessment and identifying areas of intersection
  • Bi-directional collaboration
  • Connecting partners with researchers
  • Sharing the needs of the community based on partners feedback
  • Participating in community engagement activities to share cancer prevention education
  • Developing multi-media culturally and geographically tailored health education materials
  • Dissemination of research outcomes

Our Partnerships and Collaborations

The UI Cancer Center partners with UI Health/Mile Square Health Center, and more than 55 community and national organizations, to increase cancer screening and community engagement.

See our partnerships and collaborations in action.

Become a Partner

We always welcome the opportunity to form new partnerships. Learn about how you can become a partner and work hand-in-hand with the CEHE to further your organization’s mission.


Download our recent reports to learn more about the differences that our partnerships have made in and beyond the communities we serve.

Our Team

Christine Jonel Adley

Leslie Carnahan

Carla Luisa Da Goia Pinto

Jeanette Santana Gonzalez

Tamara Hamlish

Vida Henderson

Le’Chaun J Kendall

Jessica Madrigal

Nasima Mannan

Erica Martinez

Theresa Mobley

Miguel A Negrete

Jennifer M Newsome

Maria Olivero

Sarah Rittner

Tonya Shani Roberson

Kimberly Silva

Ryan S Stratton

Paola Torres

Ana Williams

Barbara Williams

Contact Us

To learn more about our partnerships, contact the UI Cancer Center Community Engagement & Health Equity Office:

(312) 355-5660