Community Engagement & Health Equity Office

community engagement health equity office: partnerships enhancing cancer care

Reducing cancer disparities is at the heart of the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

The University of Illinois Cancer Center Community Engagement and Health Equity Office (CEHE) works to decrease cancer burden and increase access across the cancer care continuum. Our role is to:

  • Build relationships with community partners
  • Use community navigation best practices to increase access to cancer screening and cancer care
  • Disseminate project outcomes to Cancer Center programs
  • Advocate for policy changes that are responsive to the communities we serve

We achieve results through partnerships with UI Health, Mile Square Health Center, and more than 50 community and national organizations. Using an integrated population health and health disparities framework, our outcomes inform University of Illinois Cancer Center programmatic research.

The University of Illinois Cancer Center Informs Research

The University of Illinois Cancer Center is a community-focused cancer center. Our community engagement team collaborates with researchers to provide real-world, actionable input about the patients we serve in our catchment area communities.

Take Action at the Cancer Center

Partnerships and Collaborations

The University of Illinois Cancer Center partners with UI Health/Mile Square Health Center, and more than 55 community and national organizations, to increase cancer screening and community engagement.

Become a Partner

We always welcome the opportunity to form new partnerships. Learn about how you can become a partner and work hand-in-hand with the CEHE to further your organization’s mission.

Contact Us

To learn more about our partnerships, contact the Cancer Center Community Engagement & Health Equity Office:

[email protected]

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