Brand Guidelines

The University of Illinois Cancer Center brand is a recognizable identity that reinforces our relationship with partner organizations. Our more than 200 members comprise clinicians from UI Health and researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago. This guide is intended to ensure consistency in message, tone, and look across our communication materials.

The University of Illinois Cancer Center is a community-focused cancer center dedicated to eliminating cancer’s clinical and social impact and promoting health equity for all patients.

In text, we are the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

Cancer Center is acceptable on second reference.

Please do not use:

  • UI Cancer Center
  • UIC Cancer Center
  • UI Health Cancer Center
  • UICC (Please note UICC is the claimed acronym for the Union for International Cancer Control and should never be used in public-facing documents.)

Need to request a logo or branded materials?

Tell us your project details, requests, and deadlines by filling out a Marketing and Communications Intake Form and a team member will follow up for more information.

Branding Toolkit

Branded templates and materials are available in the Cancer Center’s Branding Toolkit.

Cancer Center Store

The University of Illinois Cancer Center Marketing and Communications Store stocks a variety of promotional items to support cancer center efforts. Check out what the Cancer Center Store has to offer:


The University of Illinois Cancer Center logo communicates the composition of our membership and maintains clear ties to our partner organizations, the University of Illinois Chicago and UI Health.

Departmental logos or variations are not permitted.

You are encouraged to use the logo on internal and external facing collateral, such as:

  • Business cards
  • Invitations
  • Flyers
  • Sponsorships
  • Email Signatures

Do not use the logo if it might give the appearance the University of Illinois Cancer Center is endorsing a product or a for-profit entity. The logo should only be used when there is a clear tie to the work of the Cancer Center.


This logo is the preferred version and should be used on a white background.

University of Illinois Cancer Center logo

When using a dark background, use the white option.


Dark Teal Circle

HEX #006f8d
R0 G111 B141
C90 M48 Y31 K7

Medium Teal Circle

HEX #00a7b5
R0 G167 B181
C77 M12 Y29 K0

Light Teal Circle

HEX #68c8c6
R104 G200 B198
C56 M0 Y26 K0

Medium Green Circle

HEX #3fb981
R63 G185 B129
C71 M0 Y67 K0

Red Circle

HEX #d41f34
R212 G31 B152
C10 M100 Y86 K2

Navy Blue Circle

HEX #20295e
R32 G41 B94
C100 M94 Y30 K28

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