Patient Support Services

patient support services

The University of Illinois Cancer Center, along with partners UI Health and Wellness House, is committed to providing excellent cancer care to all patients from diagnosis through treatment. Because each patient is unique, we offer a variety of support services to provide personalized and quality care. 

Wellness House at Mile Square

University of Illinois Cancer Center has partnered with Wellness House to provide programs and classes to help meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families. 

You do not need to be a University of Illinois Cancer Center or UI Health patient to receive programs offered at Wellness House, which include: 

  • Information & Education: Helpful information while dealing with cancer, from updates on the latest treatments and help with insurance, to learning how to manage side effects
  • Exercise & Nutrition: Classes for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise sessions, and activities that help calm the body and mind
  • Stress Management: Classes and groups that help to lessen the stress caused by cancer, including meditation and self-expression through art and music
  • Child & Family Programs: Family programs help children and families learn about cancer and how to express their feelings in a safe and welcoming place
  • Support Groups & Counseling: Weekly and monthly groups that offer a chance to share stories and experiences with others affected by cancer
How to Register for Programs at Wellness House

All Wellness House classes are free for those affected by cancer. For more information or to register, visit

All classes are taught in English, except the Mat Yoga class on Wednesdays, which is taught in Spanish.

How Patient Navigators and Social Workers Can Help During Your Cancer Care

Support from Patient Navigators

At University of Illinois Cancer Center, patient navigators play a crucial role in cancer care. They guide patients as they move through the continuum of care, including cancer screening, diagnostic testing, treatment, and survivorship. Navigators lend their expertise every step of the way, helping improve patient outcomes.

The Role of Patient Navigators at the Cancer Center

A patient navigator can support you during cancer care by: 

  • Helping during screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care
  • Assisting in communication with healthcare providers
  • Setting up appointments for medical care or tests
  • Helping with financial, legal, and social support
  • Working with insurance companies, employers, case managers, lawyers, and others who may impact cancer needs 

Expansive patient navigation programs like ours can lead to decreased spending and improved quality of care — especially among minority populations. 

Source: National Cancer Institute

To connect with a patient navigator at the University of Illinois Cancer Center, contact Paola Torres (312-639-0113 or [email protected]) or Brenda Soto (312-485-3701 or [email protected]).

Support from Social Workers

Social workers have an extensive set of responsibilities at the Cancer Center. They are in charge of ensuring patients can navigate structural barriers to care — such as financial constraints, education, or transportation — that drive cancer inequities. 

The Role of Social Workers at the Cancer Center

A social worker can support you during cancer care by: 

  • Helping you and your loved ones understand your cancer, treatment options, and possible side effects
  • Exploring your emotional and social reactions to cancer and cancer treatment
  • Communicating with your healthcare team and interpreting information
  • Coordinating discharge from the hospital and follow-up care
  • Arranging resources and funds for medication, medical equipment, and other cancer services

Source: National Association of Social Workers

Find your social worker at the Cancer Center:

Breast, Gynecologic, Brain TumorJessica Voigts, LCSW, OSWC312-996-3367
Head & Neck, Lung, GastrointestinalElizabeth Raigoza, LCSW312-996-7714
Urological, Bone, Soft Tissue, Renal, Pancreatic, GastrointestinalJason Tuite, LCSW, CADC312-996-9544
Blood and Lymph, Stem Cell TransplantAna Gordon, LCSW, OSWC312-355-0537

Financial Resources

For Medical-Only Expenses

For Daily Living Expenses Impacted by Cancer Treatment

Other Recommended Cancer Resources

Cancer Resources in Other Languages

Resources for UI Health Patients

Mile Square Urgent Care Walk-in Visits

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UI Mental Health

​To schedule an appointment with a mental health provider, call 312-413-7425.


To schedule a colonoscopy, call 312-413-7676.

Patient Portal

To sign up for the patient portal, call 877-621-8014.

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