Translational Pathology Shared Resource (TPSR)

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The Translational Pathology Shared Resource (TPSR) was established in 2011. It provides University of Illinois Cancer Center (UICC) members with access to a comprehensive range of services involving the analysis of animal model and human tissue samples. These services include basic and advanced histological techniques, chemical staining and immunohistochemistry, digital slide scanning, image analysis, tissue microarray design and construction, and laser capture microdissection. In addition, it provides consultation for projects from pathologists with both clinical and laboratory animal expertise.

Meet Our Team

Peter Gann, MD, ScD, Director

A Professor of Pathology, Gann has 25+ years of experience in cancer biomarker research, including the development of tissue-based biomarkers and digital imaging techniques for quantitative analysis. He established the Division of Pathology Research at UIC in 2006, serving as the TPSR Director since 2016.

Virgilia Macias, MD, TMA/LCM

Macias is a research pathologist with training in oncologic surgical pathology, electron microscopy, and immunohistochemistry. She is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Transdisciplinary Pathology at UIC. Macias has been conducting translational research for 20+ years. In addition to LCM and TMA services, she performs central histology review of pathological entities.

Maria Sverdlov, PhD, Research Histology & Tissue Imaging

Sverdlov, a Research Assistant Professor in Pathology, joined TPSR in 2016 after completing postdoctoral studies in pathology at Northwestern and UIC. She oversees day-to-day operations of the research histology and tissue imaging services, develops and validates novel and complex immunohistochemical assays, and provides consultations. 

Subhasis Das, PhD, Patient-Derived Cancer Models

Das is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery with broad expertise in developing preclinical cancer models, including PDXs and PDOs. Das established the patient-derived models’ core lab and plays a leadership role in creating patient-derived models. He provides direct service and consultation to investigators studying potential drug responses.

Andre Balla, MD, PhD, Pathology Consultant

Dr. Balla serves as one of the primary pathology consultants available to TPSR clients and staff. He is a Board-certified surgical pathologist and Professor of Pathology whose diverse clinical and research practice is cancer-focused.

Maarten Bosland DVM, PhD, Pathology Consultant

Dr. Bosland serve as one of the primary pathology consultants available to TPSR clients and staff. He is a Professor of Pathology (Emeritus) who is trained in veterinary pathology with special expertise in laboratory animal models. He is available for consultation on interpreting complex histology in laboratory animals, including phenotypic characterization of genetically manipulated models.

TPSR Major Services

The TPSR supports its users through consultation, direct services, and relevant training and education.



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