Volunteers needed for unpaid Prostate Cancer Detection Using a Quantitative Screening MRI Protocol

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Do you have patients with elevated PSA?

Dr. Michael Abern from the Department of Urology at UIC is seeking men with elevated PSA. With support from the UI Cancer Center, we are running a study that aims to improve prostate cancer detection while reducing the morbidity of prostate needle biopsy.

We are enrolling men in this prospective clinical trial with suspicion for prostate cancer:

  • Elevated Prostate specific antigen (PSA) ≥4 ng/mL and ≤20 ng/mL
  • No prior prostate biopsy or prostate cancer diagnosis
  • Age ≤80 years

Study participants will receive a novel detection protocol MRI followed by a prostate needle biopsy that will be directed to abnormal areas of the prostate.

The subjects may benefit over standard of care 12 core template prostate needle biopsy in the following ways:

  • Improved biopsy accuracy to detect high grade prostate cancer (fewer false negatives)
  • Fewer number of biopsy cores needed (which has been associated with lower complication rates)

To refer a patient that meets this criteria, please reach out to our clinical research coordinators to assist with navigation:

Ruben Sauer
(312)-413-5288, [email protected]

Patrice Lee-King
(312)-355-3726, [email protected]

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