NIH Funding Opportunity

The purpose of this National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding opportunity is to support investigator-initiated research in genomics and health equity, with the ultimate goal of developing approaches, generating and disseminating data, and implementing metrics or interventions that will advance the equitable use of genomics to improve health in U.S. populations.

By supporting both R01 and R21 applications, independent research based on either mature scientific ideas with preliminary data (R01) or at the exploratory or developmental level (R21) is encouraged.

Funding Opportunity Details

Details are here for the RO1 application and here for the R21 application.

Of specific interest to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) will be applications aimed at improving the discovery, utilization and translation of genetic information in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer across diverse populations, including through:

  • Integrated analysis of diverse populations and cancer related outcomes, including genomic and environmental data, through holistic approaches such as system modeling
  • Novel recruitment efforts, sample handling and/or collection, gathering and harmonization of accompanying exposure, phenotype and outcome data in underrepresented populations using case-cohort or case-control or family-based designs
  • Studies of cancer types that are rare or disproportionately affect the understudied populations
  • Leveraging or enhancing of relevant NCI resources and investments for identifying and recruiting cancer cases, for incorporating data through linkages to existing databases with relevant exposure, administrative, and health-related data, for community engagement, and for cost-effective exposure assessment and genomic profiling
  • Partnership with national and global programs and consortia, e.g., the Million Veteran Program, the Mexican Biobank (MXB) project, H3Africa, etc
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