PSA Video: Big Ten CRC

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium, which includes the University of Illinois Cancer Center at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), released a new public service announcement (PSA) showcasing the importance of scientific research collaboration among its 15 cancer center member institutions.

Cancer centers in the consortium are united in their efforts to conduct cancer research through collaborative clinical trials and observational studies. This work seeks to leverage the scientific and clinical expertise of world-class universities to improve the lives of patients with cancer everywhere.

The PSA was developed by the consortium and the Big Ten Conference

Additionally, the consortium recently appointed University of Illinois Cancer Center Associate Director for Clinical Research Oana Danciu, MD, as chair of its Steering Committee. The committee includes one researcher from each of the 15 cancer center member institutions. The committee’s work includes reviewing activities of the consortium, deciding matters of policy, and determining the criteria for approving concepts for development with the Big Ten CRC.

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