Shared Resources Web Pages Redesigned

We invite you to check out our redesigned Shared Resources web pages.

Six institutional shared resources are available to provide University of Illinois Cancer Center members with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, methodology and expertise as they work to understand the biology and clinical manifestations of cancer. Donald Vander Griend, PhD, is the Cancer Center Share Resources Associate Director.

The six shared resources are:

CBSR provides a wide array of bioinformatics data analysis services focusing on high-throughput omics data, network modeling of gene functions, and data mining using public data repositories.

BSR provides Cancer Center members comprehensive biostatistical services and fosters collaborations in a way that maximizes research impact.

CGSR is a group led by faculty with expertise in highly innovative genomic approaches who provide members with the genomic and computational tools necessary to make new discoveries and translate them into the clinical environment.

DISR supports cancer researchers in leveraging clinical and population data through the provision of various tools, resources and services, including the Cancer Data Shelter (CADS), data dashboards (Tableau), high performance computing (HPC) and geospatial mapping.

FCSR provides a wide array of resources and services for spectral and traditional flow cytometry, mass cytometry, cell sorting and extracellular particle studies.

TPSR provides members with access to a comprehensive range of services involving the analysis of animal model and human tissue samples, and provides consultation for projects from pathologists with both clinical and laboratory animal expertise.

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