New biomarker legislation could provide better treatment outcomes for patients

University of Illinois Cancer Center Director Jan Kitajewski, PhD, discussed a new Illinois law that provides insurance coverage for biomarker testing on WJPF radio’s Morning Newswatch program on Tuesday, June 29. Biomarkers, which are found in blood, other bodily fluids or tissues, can determine the precise location of a disease or detect the disease in its earliest stage, which can provide better treatment outcomes for patients.

House Bill 1779, awaiting the signature of Gov. JB Pritzker, “provides that biomarker testing must be covered for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment, appropriate management, or ongoing monitoring of an enrollee’s disease or condition when the test is supported by medical and scientific evidence.” Are insurance companies excited about the prospects of the bill being signed, Kitajewski was asked by host Travis Akin.

“Absolutely, they should be,” Kitajewski said. “Treating cancer early is much more efficient and leads to fewer costs in the complexity of cancer care. Catching cancer late, when treatment is difficult, takes the individual down an odyssey of expensive treatment. It’s pretty straightforward to see the cost of detecting cancer early.” Listen here

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