NCI Funding Opportunities

These National Cancer Institute (NCI) funding opportunities may be of interest to University of Illinois Cancer Center members. This funding announcement and others are available on the Cancer Center’s “Funding Opportunities and Deadlines” website page.

Mechanisms That Impact Cancer Risk with Use of Incretin Mimetics

The NCI invites applications for investigator-initiated studies addressing mechanisms by which incretin mimetics – specifically glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-1 or dual GLP-1/ glucose dependent insulinotropic polypepide (GIP)-1 receptor agonists (RAs) – impact cancer risk. The intent of these funding opportunities is to draw talented scientists to the cancer biology field who may study incretin mimetic effects on diseases other than cancer.

More information: PAR-23-279 (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) and PAR-23-280 (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Expires: January 8, 2027

Mechanisms Driving Obesity and Prostate Cancer Risk

In this Notice of Special Interest, the NCI encourages applications examining the mechanisms by which obesity drives aggressive prostate cancer risk. The biologic mechanisms driving both overall and aggressive prostate cancer risk are uncertain. Identifying differences in the mechanisms driving aggressive vs. overall (mostly non-aggressive) disease is critical to optimizing clinical care among men who develop prostate cancer.

More information: NOT-CA-23-089

Expires: September 8, 2024

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