Breast Cancer Awareness and Hope Leaders on WVON “Dr. In The House”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the University of Illinois Cancer Center featured Jiana Calixto, MPH, Director of Community Health and Engagement at Equal Hope, on WVON’s “Dr. in the House with Dr. Terry Mason” on October 1. Equal Hope is a not-for-profit organization originally set up in 2008 as the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force.

You can listen here if you missed the show when it aired live on the radio.

Equal Hope is among the inaugural recipients of the Hope Leaders Fellowships, a Cancer Center program dedicated to building bidirectional relationships between scientists and community organizations. Equal Hope is 1 of 2 community organization recipients, the other is Advocates for Community Wellness, along with Cancer Center members Ekrem Emrah Er, PhD, and Ankur Saxena, PhD. The fellowship program is run by the Cancer Center’s Office of Community Engagement and Health Equity.

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