Odile David, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

College of Medicine


Translational Oncology Program

Associate Member

Phone: 312-355-5544

Email: odavid@uic.edu

Dr. Odile David has expertise in cervical cytology, fine needle aspiration cytology, and lung pathology, combined with expertise in pathologic evaluation of cervical, lung, head and neck and other tissue samples by routine and immunohistochemical methods.She has extensive experience in the evaluation of specimens from both animal and human subjects and in optimal preparation, staining, and immunohistochemical methods and other ancillary testing methods.Dr. David also has valuable experience and formal training in the planning and execution of experiments and interpretation, in keeping up with previous research experience as well as formal training in clinical research. Her current role as Director of an academic Cytopathology Division permits consistent involvement both clinical and experimental in these activities.

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