Swapna Asuthkar, PhD

Title & Department

Assistant Professor

Cancer Biology and Pharmacology

College of Medicine

Research Program

Translational Oncology Program (TO)

Phone: 309-680-8620

Email: asuthkar@uic.edu

Dr. Swapna Asuthkar holds a comprehensive and diverse background in cancer biology, epigenetics, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, and immunology. Her experiences in those fields have contributed to her desire in becoming an independent research investigator. She focuses her research on brain tumors (Medulloblastoma and Glioblastoma).

Dr. Asuthkar is working on targeting immune checkpoints in the tumor microenvrionment and the epigenetic histone modifiers in medulloblastoma tumor growth and progression.


PhD, University of Hyderabad-India

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