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Dr. Nadim Mahmud is a Professor in the Department of Medicine in the division of Hematology and Oncology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of hematopoietic stem cell biology and stem cell transplantation. He also has extensive experience in studies of blood cell regeneration, both in human and animal models, which includes bone marrow failure following myeloablative radiation or chemotherapy.

Dr. Mahmud has a broad background in clinical medicine, stem cell biology, transplantation and is currently serving as PI or co-Investigator on several university and NIH funded grants. Since 2001, Dr. Mahmud has served as the Director of the Clinical Stem Cell Laboratory at UI Health’s Blood & Marrow Transplant Program. His clinical laboratory is responsible for processing, storing and releasing stem cell grafts for administration to patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation or other cell based therapy.

For the last fourteen years, his laboratory has focused on identifying successful ways to augment the number of transplantable hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) present in a single umbilical cord blood (CB) unit. Dr. Mahmud’s laboratory has pioneered a novel way to augment the number of in vivo repopulating HSC in an umbilical cord blood (CB) unit by using chromatin modifying agents in culture in combination with cytokines. His lab has found a novel way to expand the number of transplantable blood forming stem cells present in an umbilical cord blood graft by using chromatin modifying agents and has been awarded a US patent for this work.

Dr. Mahmud is actively involved with professional hematology and transplantation societies including American Society of Hematology, International Society for Cell &Gene Therapy (ISCT), and serve as a FACT (Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy) inspector. Currently Dr. Mahmud is serving as ISCT Board of Directors (Elected Member PhD) and FACT Board of Directors.

His research is focused on stem cell expansion, hematopoiesis, stem cell transplantation, cell based therapy and leukemia.

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