Kishore Wary, PhD

Associate Professor

College of Medicine


Translational Oncology Program

Associate Member

Phone: 312-413-9582


The aim of my research is to improve human health by delineating the molecular mechanisms of endothelial cells phenotypes in development and disease settings. I have acquired 15+ years of experience investigating the mechanisms of integrin signaling and angiogenesis. In recent years, my laboratory has started investigating the role of Wnt signaling, Notch, and Nanog in relation to angiogenesis and organ regeneration.Our team first identified Nanog in endothelial cells and we have shown that Nanog is a downstream component of canonical Wnt3a signaling, along the way we have amassed many critical reagents to study Nanog (e.g. Nanogfl/wt mice, antibodies, viral constructs etc).We have technical expertise of high- and lowresolution microscopy, modern cell and molecular biology, and phenotyping the pathophysiological angiogenesis, including hind limb ischemia (HLI), tumor angiogenesis, and acute myocardial infarction (AMI), and sepsis induced acute lung injury (ALI).His research is focused on the underlying mechanisms of pathophysiology, vascular biology, angiogenesis and tumor progression.

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