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Dr. Carlos Stocco is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. His research is focused on molecular and hormonal mechanisms controlling gene expression in the ovary. He is a reproductive physiologist with extensive training and broad background in ovarian function.

For the last decade, the focus of his research centered on the processes controlling ovarian granulosa cell (GC) function, including hormone signaling and activation of genomic pathways regulating female fertility. Dr. Stocco’s work has significantly contributed to the understanding of ovarian physiology in mammals. For these studies, he obtained the support of four NIH grants that allowed me to build the groundwork and knowledge for the development of this proposal.

His laboratory has gained experience in techniques and methodologies to study ovarian function in vivo using conditional knockout animals and in vitro using molecular tools such as highly efficient silencing and expression systems in primary cultures of human GCs. He supervised the personnel and administered the budget during the execution of my grants while simultaneously, he performed experiments, carried out data analysis, and wrote manuscripts.

He passionately performs these activities which have contributed to building the expertise in ovarian physiology that uniquely qualifies me to lead the research team of this application. This is significant since the failure of these control mechanisms will impair follicular development, ovulation, and oocyte quality. Understanding these mechanisms of intercellular signaling can translate into safer and more effective treatments for infertile women.

His research is focused on molecular and hormonal mechanisms controlling gene expression in the ovary.


PhD, The University of San Luis

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