New Community Resource

The University of Illinois Cancer Center is proud to announce the launch of a new community resource. The “Data Hub for Communities” is a unique platform designed specifically for easy use by community organizations and partners to explore and visualize data about the burden of cancer and its risk factors across Illinois.

The Cancer Center’s Community Advisory Board was instrumental in guiding creation of the Hub, which is intended to make data accessible to anyone who wants it on the Cancer Center’s website. The data can be used by community organizations to drive outreach and engagement efforts, by partners to create priorities, and by legislators to inform policy change.

We invite you to try the new Data Hub for Communities on our website. The Hub can be easily accessed from our hompage.

Community Resource Details

On the platform, community members can visualize data for any community in Illinois, and compare that data to other zip codes, cities, and counties within Illinois, as well as the United States as a whole.

The Hub has 100 data measures available in domains that include sociodemographics, environment, economics and employment status, access to healthcare, health outcomes, and cancer incidence and mortality.

In addition, data can be filtered by county, city, zip code, Chicago community area, and Legislative or Congressional district in Illinois. Data are available to download as charts, maps, tables and more.

The Hub was built by Chicago-based technology company Metopio. Metopio continuously updates the Hub as new data become available, ensuring data are always current. Like the Cancer Center, Metopio believes equitable access to data is the catalyst for policies, partnerships and programs that build resilient and healthy communities.

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