MIKIW 61st Annual Conference

The MIKIW 2024 Conference, held at the University of Illinois Chicago, was a resounding success, bringing together approximately 250 graduate students, faculty and professionals from the field of medicinal chemistry.

This annual event, established by the Departments of Medicinal Chemistry at the Universities of Minnesota, Illinois Chicago, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin-Madison (thus the name MIKIW), provided an invaluable platform for attendees to share their research projects, knowledge and advancements in the field. MIKIW is the longest running and largest regional medicinal chemistry conference in the United States, and the conference is completely organized and led by graduate students at the host school each year. 

The University of Illinois Cancer Center was thrilled to be a sponsor of this prestigious conference, which covered several critical topics, including drug design, total and semi-synthesis, analytical chemistry, pharmacology, drug delivery, synthetic biology, natural product drug leads and molecular/cell biology.

The conference, held April 26-28, fostered an environment of collaboration and networking, allowing attendees to exchange ideas and forge connections that will undoubtedly lead to future breakthroughs in medicinal chemistry. The dynamic presentations and discussions highlighted the latest research and innovations, offering insights into the cutting-edge developments shaping the future.

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