Jennifer Sanchez-flack, PhD, MPH

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Pediatrics

College of Medicine

Research Program

Cancer Prevention And Control (CPC)

I have an academic background in behavioral sciences and public health with experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodology, implementation of behavioral-based interventions to prevent obesity and cancer in multiple settings and with diverse populations, and in dissemination and implementation science. My research focuses on using dissemination and implementation science principles to examine the external validity of obesity prevention interventions to translate and replicate behavioral-based interventions in “real-world” settings (e.g., clinics, communities, schools). I am particularly interested in how multilevel interventions, including digital health interventions, can improve Latinxs and African American families’ food and beverage purchasing behaviors to reduce obesity and cancer inequities. This research aims to identify sustainable approaches to reach and engage underserved families in obesity prevention and cancer risk reduction that can be applied in clinical settings and in policy research to reduce health disparities.


PhD, San Diego State University/University of California

Disease Focus

Gastrointestinal; Colorectal; Other Gi Cancers

Research Keywords

Behavior Science; Health Inequities; Obesity Prevention; Behavioral-based Interventions; Dissemination And Implementation Science

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