Maria Argos, PhD

Associate Professor

School of Public Health

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Cancer Prevention And Control

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Phone: 312-355-1584


Dr. Maria Argos is an environmental and molecular epidemiologist focused on understanding the etiology of cancer and various chronic diseases. By leveraging high-dimensional molecular data and biomarker data obtained from biological specimens collected in the epidemiological setting, her research has a strong emphasis on identifying molecular pathways altered by environmental carcinogens that influence disease risk. She is a co-investigator on a population-based chemoprevention trial of selenium and vitamin E for the primary prevention of non-melanoma skin cancer in an arsenic exposed population in Bangladesh as well as a large cohort study evaluating the dose-response relationship between arsenic exposure and cancer endpoints. Her other research includes recruitment of mother-child dyads in Bangladesh for the evaluation of early life health effects of arsenic exposure. Dr. Argos is also engaged in methodological research evaluating novel methods for the identification of gene-environment interactions in the context of a large cohort study.Her research is focused on environmental epidemology, molecular epidemiology and toxic metals.

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