Christine Jovanovic, PhD, MPH

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

College of Medicine

Research Program

Cancer Prevention And Control (CPC)

Phone: (312) 463-3615

Email: [email protected]

Prostate cancer (PCa) disproportionately affects African American men (AAM) compared to European American men (EAM). For those AAM with the most common, indolent PCa, a whole food plant-based diet (WFPBD) may offer an active treatment with fewer side effects and numerous ancillary benefits compared to current standard of care. My research focuses on developing evidence to test whether a WFPBD can be a viable and effective treatment option for AAM with localized PCa.

Disease Focus

Prostate Cancer

Research Keywords

Whole Food Plant-based Diet (wfpbd); Localized Prostate Cancer; African American Men; Prostate Cancer Treatment; Prostate Specific Antigen (psa)

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