Charles Gaber, PhD, MPH

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmacy Systems - Outcomes and Policy

College of Pharmacy

Research Program

Cancer Prevention And Control (CPC)

Dr. Gaber is a pharmacoepidemiologist whose applied research focuses on the use, effectiveness, and safety of cancer-directed therapies in older adults diagnosed with genitourinary and gastrointestinal cancers. He seeks to produce robust real-world evidence on the comparative effectiveness of therapies by leveraging observational data from cancer registries, claims databases, and electronic health records.

Disease Focus

Prostate Cancer; Other; Pancreatic; Other Gi Cancers

Research Keywords

Pharmacoepidemiology; Geriatric Oncology; Prostate Cancer; Esophageal Cancer; Real World Data; Comparative Effectivness; Causal Inference; Observational Studies
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