Xiaofeng Zhou, PhD, MS

Associate Professor

Department of Periodontics

College of Dentistry

Research Program

Cancer Biology (CB)

Phone: 312-355-0825

Email: [email protected]

The goal of the proposed research is to investigate the role of epithelial dysfunction in periimplantitis using molecular and genomic approaches. I will serve as a multiple-PI on this project, and will be responsible for the proposed genomic profiling studies. I have a broad yet interconnected skillset that is ideal for the proposed study, including training in biochemistry/molecular biology, genomic profiling and bioinformatics/software engineering.

My unique background and training have enabled me to successfully complete a number of NIHor foundation-funded research programs since 2004 investigating the regulation of various cell behaviors (e.g., migration, invasion, EMT). My current research projects focus on defining molecular mechanisms that regulate oral epithelial cell migration, and we are using both oral cancer metastasis and wound healing as our model systems.

As a result of these previous and ongoing studies, we established a solid link between genomic deregulations and inflammatory conditions (e.g., cancer, injury response, periodontitis, peri-implantitis). The current application builds on my scientific strength, and is a continuation of our ongoing study. In summary, I have demonstrated a successful and productive track record of multidisciplinary research such as the one proposed here.

His research is focused on the molecular profiling of oral cancer.


PhD, Boston University

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