Joanna Burdette, PhD


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

UIC College of Pharmacy

Research Program

Cancer Biology (CB)

Phone: 312-996-6153

Email: [email protected]

Joanna Burdette, PhD, is co-leader of the Cancer Biology Research Program at the University of Illinois Cancer Center and the Edward and Josephine Mika Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education in the UIC College of Pharmacy. The Burdette lab focuses on the idea that high grade serous ovarian cancers arise in the fallopian tube and metastasize to the ovary, which provides new avenues to study disease prevention, detection and treatment. The lab has developed numerous model systems including mouse model, organ on chip, and imaging mass spectrometry protocols to study tumor development and spread. The lab also collaborates to study natural products as therapeutic leads in ovarian cancer models. She is co-director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) K12 Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) postdoctoral training grant at UIC. She has received certification in the National Research Mentoring Network curriculum and has facilitated mentor-training for over 100 faculty at UIC.


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Ovarian Cancer; Natural Products; Women's Health

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