InSug O-Sullivan, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

College of Medicine


Cancer Biology

Associate Member

Phone: 312-569-6594


Dr. InSug O-Sullivan is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. Her research consisted of mapping the active site of RNA dependent ATP hydrolysis in bacterial transcription termination factor Rho, when the hexamer is releasing nascent RNA from transcription termination complex for her PhD project at NYU, where she gained extensive training in molecular biology, biochemistry, enzymology and protein chemistry. Then she studied the impact of mercury compounds in human immune system at the University of Pennsylvania and moved onto tumor immunology and cancer vaccine development at the Wistar Institute and UIC. Distinguished cancer metabolism noted by high aerobic glycolysis and increasing evidence of aging and metabolic disorders leading insulin resistance and cancer, and their preliminary data with older LIRKO mice developing hepatic tumor, trigger her to investigate the role of metabolic disorders and insulin resistance in cancer.

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