David Eddington, PhD


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Cancer Biology

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Phone: 312-355-3278

Email: dte@uic.edu

Dr. David Eddington is a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His lab specializes in developing new microfluidic tools to answer biological questions that are not possible with standard lab tools or methods.The overall design philosophy is to create simple solutions which can readily integrate into standard biomedical research labs. Some examples include a method to pattern multiple oxygen conditions on brain slices, a microfluidic substrate for perfusion chambers and a method to calibrate fast scan cyclic voltammetry electrodes which is used by a dozen labs worldwide.These projects involve working closely with collaborators who provide the motivation and my lab develops devices to allow new experiments not possible with standard techniques by leveraging beneficial microscale phenomena.Recently, Dr. Eddingtons lab has developed a niche of oxygen control with microfluidics and they demonstrated the power of diffusion based oxygen delivery from microchannels on standard mammalian adherent cell cultures, in vitro brain slice preparations, human islets of Langerhans, an oxygenated bandage for awake and behaving mice, and drosophila embryos.In addition, his lab has developed other methods which could be adapted to the work including microfluidic devices to assess islet function under intermittent hypoxia, devices that dock to Boyden chambers, devices to generate soluble factor gradients, a device to recreate a sickle cell crisis on a chip, and oxygen sensitive microwells for cell culture.

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