Cervical Cancer/HPV Award

For submission of Cervical Cancer/HPV Award: Complete online application https://uic.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b30EGRRZvR2MAbX

The application will require you to upload a single PDF file that contains the following:

1. Application Format: Use standard 11-point font, single space, and half-inch margins throughout the application. Consecutively number all pages.

2. Face Page: Complete Face Page form. Download here

3. Summary of Research Plans for Each Project (limit 5 pages each)

  • Specific aims: State concisely the hypothesis to be tested and the specific aim(s) to be achieved during the one year project period.
  • Research Strategy
    • Significance
    • Innovation
    • Approach
  • Budget: Use PHS 398 frompage 4 (http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html) followed by a written justification. Budget cap is $25,000-50,000 direct costs.  Include direct costs only; there are no indirect costs associated with this grant. No faculty salaries should be included. Any faculty effort related to this award must be listed and supported by the respective department as cost share. By signing the cover page, the departmental business managers verify and approve this cost share. Salary support for laboratory personnel, post-doctoral fellows, study coordinators, etc. may be included. Include justification for all budget requests. Budgets should only include monies to be spent; include a separate page to describe the collaborators and their roles on the project. Note: effort for each team member must be articulated with a written commitment of departmental support for that effort. Every budgeted item must be classified into a category (e.g., supplies, patient care costs) with unit costs specified and defined. Equipment costing over $5,000 is not allowed. Travel expenses will only be allowed when necessary to carry out the proposed research project. The cancer center reserves the right to reduce award amounts.
  • Literature Cited: Select only those references pertinent to the proposed research. This is not included in the 5-page limit.
  • Description of Potential Cores (limit 1 page total): Include a description of how each core they will support projects.
  • List of Collaborative Publications from the Research Team
  • Description of How Programs Milestones Will be Achieved
  • Biosketches: Biosketches for all faculty team investigators must be included. Personal statements must include the specific role of each team member.

Review Criteria

Each full application will be assigned to two external reviewers who have substantial expertise in cancer research and in reviewing grants. Proposals will also be reviewed by the cancer center’s Biostatistics Shared Resource. Review criteria will include:

  • Standard NIH criteria (significance, innovation, approach, investigative team and environment).
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the cancer center’s Biostatistics Shared Resource in developing the research design and methods of their proposals.
  • Likelihood that preliminary results will lead to external peer-reviewed grand funding.
  • The degree that the project involves transdisciplinary, team-based coordination and collaboration.

Program Milestones

  • Additional collaborative papers
  • Identification of potential External Advisory Board Members
  • Timeline for R01 or multi-PI submission
  • “Site Visit” retreat with presentations


$25,000-50,000 – One Award


  • Full application due September 28, 2018.  Awardees notified by October 30, 2018.
  • Funding will be issued January 1, for all 4 opportunities.