Eligibility criteria for University of Illinois (UI) Cancer Center membership varies according to the types of membership.

Full Member


Full membership is designed cancer researchers who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Full-time faculty member
  • Active in cancer research, as evidenced by serving as Principal Investigator (PI) on a  peer-reviewed, cancer-related research grant (as defined by NCI guidelines) OR
  • A leader in cancer clinical research as evidenced by serving as:
    • Principal Investigator of UI Cancer Center Investigator-Initiated Trial  with annual accrual of 5 patients OR
    • PI of an industry-sponsored trial where the member was a primary scientific contributor to the design, implementation, and monitoring of the trial.
    • Serve as protocol chairperson for a national peer-reviewed (CTEP) clinical trial OR service as a senior leader of a national peer-reviewed funded cooperative group OR service as a lead investigator initiated cancer-related clinical trial

Associate Member

Associate membership is designed for the following faculty:

  • UI faculty members who are involved in cancer research and/or patient care and contribute to the success of the Cancer Center, but do not yet fulfill the criteria for Full Member.
  • Newly recruited full-time research faculty who have not obtained cancer related funding and are in their start-up period.
  • Established faculty from other disciplines who demonstrate a cancer-related research interest, either through publications and grant submissions, but have not yet obtained cancer-related peer-reviewed funding.

Although Associate Members are not required to have peer-reviewed support or play a significant role in a national cooperative group, they must show the promise of attaining these goals. Progress is reviewed as a part of the annual review process. It is anticipated that Associate Members will meet Full Member criteria within 6 years of initial application.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is designed primarily for clinical faculty who make meaningful contributions to the research, education, patient care, and community outreach activities of the UI Cancer Center, but do not meet the above criteria for full or associate membership.