Privileges of University of Illinois Cancer Center membership include the following:

Priority access to Center-funded Shared Resources at favorable rates. These state-of-the art Shared Resources, under the direction of Richard Minshall, PhD, the UI Cancer Center Associate Director for Shared Resources include the following:

    • Biostatistics Shared Resource Core
    • Cancer Genomics Shared Resource
    • Flow Cytometry Shared Resource
    • Translational Pathology Shared Resource


Clinical research support for protocol development and management through the UI Clinical Trials Office, which provides a comprehensive network of support throughout the lifecycle of each clinical trial.

  • Members-only funding opportunities, including the UI annual pilot project funding program.
  • Access to the UI Cancer Center Grants Development Office, which is a full-service research proposal resource for cancer-related proposal and pre-award support.
  • Research proposal and grant submission support.
  • Participation in shared-interest disease working groups, which include Brain, Breast, Cancer Disparities, Gastrointestinal, Prostate, Gynecology, Head and Neck, and Lung.  New groups are added based on member interest.
  • Cancer Center Seminars, Retreats, and Symposia
  • Access to the new UI Cancer Center Communications team.  This team provides strategic communications planning as well as implementation of news articles for print, website, and social media venues. The communications office can create and write brochures, news releases, web content, videos, and other communications collateral to promote UI Cancer Center to various audiences. The office also handles the Cancer Center’s Brand Standards and can provide templates for fliers, PowerPoint presentations and logos.