Trainee Membership

The University of Illinois Cancer Center wants to offer an opportunity for students, trainees and fellows to join us as Trainee Members.

Trainee members will have exclusive access to trainee awards and additional benefits listed below.


Trainee membership is open to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, including postdocs, and fellows who are currently engaged in, or have previously engaged in cancer-related research at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Trainee members will be asked to keep their contact information current at UI Cancer Center as they progress through their careers.

Female African American scientist working in laboratory


Trainee members will be eligible for trainee awards provided by the UI Cancer Center.

  • Poster presentation opportunities at retreats and symposia
  • Travel awards to attend mentor-selected conferences
  • Funding opportunity announcements
  • Paid positions in the UI Cancer Center summer programs

Trainee members will be invited to attend UI Cancer Center events.

  • Seminars, retreats, and symposia
  • Lunch with seminar speakers
  • Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Workshops
    • Biostatistics
    • Grant Writing
    • Skills Development

Trainee members will receive the UI Cancer Center weekly newsletter and announcements.

Trainees will become part of our online community as well. They will be highlighted and recognized as they progress throughout their careers. We will periodically contact trainee members for updates on new accomplishments, honors and awards, which will be featured in UI Cancer Center publications and on social media.