Through the researcHStart program we introduce high-school students to cancer research and promote career opportunities in the field, helping students gain knowledge in biophysics, biochemistry, immunology, and pharmacology.

After the researcHStart program:

  • 95% of students felt more confident in their ability as researchers
  • 95%  of students said the experience increased their interest in cancer-related careers
  • 100% of students said they were more knowledgeable about to pursuing cancer-related careers
researcHStart students in group visiting Wellness House
researcHStart students visiting Wellness House

The majority of recent researcHStart participants intend to pursue majors in biology-related fields such as pre-medicine, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, and health sciences. Others are already working toward degrees in science and technology.

Applications for Summer 2020 are no longer being accepted. For updates about the program, including information about the 2021 admissions cycle, please sign up for the researcHStart mailing list.