Request an Appearance from the University of Illinois Cancer Center

At the University of Illinois Cancer Center, we take pride in sharing our work and discoveries with other researchers, providers, and organizations. Our researchers frequently discuss their work at cancer-related events, speaking engagements and presentations, panel discussions, and news interviews. They engage in topics from engaging the community in research to men’s health to COVID-19.

If you are interested in having someone from the Cancer Center talk about their research or participate in an event, reach out to Samuel Hostettler:

Samuel Hostettler

Associate Director of Communications


They will direct you to the appropriate person for the request. All requests for appearances and media coverage will be reviewed by UIC Public Affairs.

In the News: Dr. Shikha Jain on Fox32

The University of Illinois Cancer Center’s Dr. Shikha speaks with Sylvia Perez of Fox32 about President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

For Members: Becoming a Speaker

Are you interested in speaking with a member of the media about your research or current news?

Please contact Samuel Hostlettler at 312-413-7276 or for more information on pitching to the media.

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