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Patient Resources

Patient resources for financial needs related to both medical and daily living expenses for cancer patients.  Examples include: medication co-pays, insurance premiums, hospital bills, Social Security Disability, transportation, food, etc. Please contact your physician and/or social worker for personalized help.

Who is my Social Worker?  This Depends on Your Diagnosis:

Cancer type

Social Worker

Phone Number

Breast, Gynecologic, Brain Tumor

Jessica Voigts, LCSW, OSWC


Head & Neck, Lung, Gastrointestinal

Elizabeth Raigoza, LCSW


Urological, Bone, Soft Tissue, Renal, Pancreatic, Gastrointestinal

Jason Tuite, LCSW, CADC


Blood and Lymph, Stem Cell Transplant

Ana Gordon, LCSW, OSWC




Financial Resources for Medical-only Expenses

Leukemia Lymphoma SocietyCopayment assistance for patients with various blood cancer diagnoses.

Leukemia Research Foundation - Copayment Assistance for patients with various blood cancer diagnoses.

Lymphoma Research Foundation - Financial aid for patients with lymphoma or Hodgkins disease.

Sarcoma Alliance - Grants money to reimburse medical and other expenses directly related to getting a second opinion from a sarcoma specialist.

National Brain Tumor Society - Assists brain tumor patients with treatment-related expenses.

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation - Helps newly diagnosed mesothelioma patients afford expenses related to consulting with a mesothelioma expert through the Mary and Bob Cosentino Travel Grant Program.

Colon Cancer Alliance - Alliance provides a helpline (877.422.2030), peer support programs, and colon cancer specific information about treatment. Patients can apply for a $200 monthly financial assistance for treatment.

Blue HopeFinancial Assistance through Colorectal Cancer Alliance – Patients can apply to receive $300 one-time financial stipend to help cove screening related expenses and a $200 stipend to cover treatment-related expenses while in treatment.

Colorectal CareLine 866-657-8634 – provides case management and education. Assists with understanding benefit information, accessing Medicaid and/or charity care programs, networks with financial assistance programs.

LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare - Offers financial assistance to cancer survivors who are 6 months post-treatment with no evidence of disease for transportation to follow-up appointments, medical co-pays, cancer-related medications, and neuropsychological evaluation.

HealthWell Foundation - Financial assistance to cover costs of prescription drug coinsurance, copayments, deductibles, health insurance premiums and other selected out-of-pocket health care costs.

Patient Access Network Foundation - Medical financial assistance for underinsured patients. 1-866-316-726

Patient Advocate Foundation - Medical financial assistance for underinsured patients. 1-800.532.5274

Pharma Assistance Programs - Contact the manufacturer of your medication to inquire about any co-payment assistance programs. Most patients with private or commercial insurance will qualify (Medicare and Medicaid generally do not qualify).

Pfizer’s First RESOURCE 1-877-744-5675
Lilly Cares 1-800-545-6962
GSK Access 1-866-265-6491
Genentech’s Single Point of Contact 1-888-249-4918
Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation 1-800-736-0003
Amgen Reimbursement Support Services and Financial Assistance Programs 1-800-272-9376


Financial Resources for Daily Living Expenses Impacted by Cancer Treatment 

All Chicago Emergency Fund - Emergency fund for patients who need critical financial assistance in order to avoid homelessness. 312-379-0301

The Sam Fund - Financial resources and information for young adult cancer survivors.

St. Vincent DePaul - Series of thrift stores, food pantries, and financial support for food, utility, and rent.

Catholic CharitiesA wide range of programs throughout Chicago, including emergency assistance, counseling, and health care.

Cancer CareProvides counseling, support groups, educational workshops, general financial assistance, copay assistance, and community programs.

United Way of Metro Chicago - support in obtaining insurance, education, and connection to financial opportunities.

Illinois Department of Health and Human ServicesCan provide SNAP or SSI benefits for groceries for those who qualify.

Social Security Administration - Can provide SSDI benefits for those who apply and qualify

Hotel Keys of Hope - Partnership between the American Cancer Society and Extended Stay America. Reduced priced hotel rooms.

ZERO360provides comprehensive support for men with prostate cancer. 1-844-244-1309

Pink Fund - General financial aid for breast cancer patients.

National Marrow Donor Program - General financial assistance for recipients of a MUD SCTx through Be the Match

Bone Marrow Foundation Lifeline Fund - General financial assistance for recipients of a SCTx.

BMTInfoNet Patient Assistance Fund - General financial assistance for recipients of a SCTx

The Double Hit Lymphoma Foundation - Help with travel expenses for double hit lymphoma patients

HelpHOPELive - Help with online fundraising for patients with a catastrophic illness

Give Forward - Help with online fundraising for patients with cancer and other rare illnesses

The Breast Cancer CharitiesHelp NOW Fund – Financial aid for breast cancer patients

Catherine H. Tuck Foundation - Financial aid for breast cancer patients

Hope for Young Adults with CancerGiving Hope Fund – Financial aid for all cancer patients ages 18-40

Cindy’s Legacy Charity - Gift cards to assist with expenses such as prescriptions, transportation/gas, medical supplies, and other household bills. (In 2018, only patients with Breast or Brain Cancer may qualify. Diagnosis focuses change yearly

Needy Meds - Provides information on healthcare programs offering direct Rx assistance. Also offers drug discount cards.

Rx Assist - Provides information on healthcare programs offering direct Rx assistance.

Rx Outreach - Provides information on healthcare programs offering direct Rx assistance

Good Days - financial support for covering medication and treatment for people who cannot afford medication or treatment.

Lazarex Cancer FoundationProvides assistance with costs for FDA clinical trial participation, identification of clinical trial options, community outreach and engagement.

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition - Coalition between 14 different cancer care organization. Website helps facilitate linking patients to specific needs in the area.