Dr. Michael Berbaum

Dr. Michael Berbaum is Senior Biostatistician and Director of the Methodology Research Core at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC) Institute for Health Research and Policy. He is also the director of the Design and Analysis Core, part of the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science. In those roles he has provided statistical support to numerous investigators in health behavior and community prevention studies (surveys, experiments, and quasi-experimental longitudinal designs). Dr. Berbaum has extensive experience in experimental design, analysis of variance, and advanced categorical data analysis with a focus on models for longitudinal multi-strata and multilevel designs. He provided research design and statistical expertise and oversight to more than 250 investigators in both clinical and community health studies throughout his 35-year career. In particular, he has served as the senior biostatistician Co-I on 20 multisite clinical trials or cohort studies. His research includes applications of ordinal regression, as well as the resolution of statistical complications that arise from clustering, missing data, and sample selection in health studies.

Degree: PhD

Title: Senior Biostatistician

Department: Institute for Health Research and Policy

Program: Cancer Prevention and Control

Member Type:Associate Member