Dr. Kamlesh Bikkavilli

Dr. Kamesh Bikkavilli’s laboratory is focused on understanding the role of protein arginine methylation, a post-translational modification, in lung cancer progression. He has studied protein arginine methylation in various contexts, including development and lung cancer, which resulted in various publications (J Cell Sci 2011, J Cell Sci 2012, Scientific Reports 2012, J Vis Exp 2014). The major focus of Dr. Bikkavilli’s research is the identification of a unique dependency of lung cancers on PRMT1 and PRMT6 heterodimers, which was also found to be protumorigenic. He has collaborated with Dr. Asrar Malik (Schweppe Family Distinguished Professor, and Head, Department of Pharmacology) and Dr. Nissim Hay (Distinguished Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Genetics) in conducting his research. With the available resources and murine models of lung cancer, his experience in protein arginine methylation, and collaborations, Dr. Bikkavilli conducts his research.

Degree: PhD

Title: Assistant Professor

College:  College of Medicine at Chicago

Department: Medicine – Pulmonary, Crl Care, Slp, Allgy

Program: Cancer Biology

Member Type:Associate Member