Dr. Jamie Chriqui

Dr. Jamie Chriqui is a Professor in Health Policy and Administration and Co-Director of the Health Policy Center in the Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP) at the School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago. Her background is in public health policy, with a particular emphasis on chronic disease-related public health policies and their impacts on population health and communities. During the course of her career she has gained recognition as a leading national expert on public health policy research, analysis, surveillance and evaluation. Dr. Chriqui’s research has heavily focused on a broad spectrum of obesity policy-related issues, particularly in the school health, wellness, nutrition, and activity space, and it gained national recognition for her work in this area. She has over 135 publications, reports, and monograph/book chapters, all in the public health policy domain, with the vast majority focused on obesity, nutrition, and physical activity issues.

Degree:                                                                                       PhD

Title: Professor

College:  School of Public Health 

Department: Health Policy and Administration

Program: Cancer Prevention and Control

Member Type:Research Member