Zhengjia (Nelson) Chen, PhD

Associate Professor

School of Public Health

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Full Member

Phone: (312)-996-6027

Email: znchen@uic.edu


Dr. Zhengjia (Nelson) Chen is the Director of Biostatistics Shared Resource Core of University of Illinois Cancer Center and Associate Professor with tenure in the Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed publications during his 16 years of cancer research in University of Southern California, Children Oncology Group, and Emory Winship Cancer Institute. Dr. Chen has rich experience leading a Biostatistics core for big grant applications (SPORE, P01, P30, U54, etc.) and was a member of NCI’s Clinical Oncology Study Section. Dr. Chen has comprehensive expertise in adaptive and sequential approaches, Bayesian statistics, clinical trials, cancer research, and precision medicine. He has advanced the practice of clinical trials by inventing adaptive and sequential designs, developing user-friendly statistical software, and applying his novel approaches to clinical trials. He has enhanced precision medicine with computational analysis and biological interpretation of genomic data from public database resources. He collaborates with cancer investigators and applies his unique expertise of adaptive and sequential approaches as well as Bayesian statistics to clinical trials, communitybased studies, epidemiological studies, etc. Dr. Chen has extensive experience of epidemiological, genetic, molecular, clinical, and surgical research on lung, head & neck, ovarian, leukemia, lymphoma, breast, melanoma, brain, and other cancers.

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