Ron Gaba, MD

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Translational Oncology Program

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Phone: 312-996-0242


Dr. Ron Gaba is an Associate Professor of Interventional Radiology and Pathology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His research is focused on improving the prognosis of patients with liver malignancies through the use of image-guided, minimally invasive locoregional therapies in Interventional Radiology. His extensive clinical experience in managing liver cancer having treated hundreds of patients in practice has developed his clinical aptitude in multidisciplinary cancer care and management expertise for liver malignancies. Dr. Gabas involvement in both small and large animal pre-clinical animal work across numerous funded projectsincluding liver tumor model development using the Oncopig Cancer Model (OCM)has provided significant hands-on familiarity with translational techniques and procedures, including cellular biology methods and animal subject interventions.His research is focused on liver malignancy improvements by the use of Interventional Radiology.

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