Renee de Leeuw, PhD

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Assistant Professor


College of Medicine

Research Program

Translational Oncology Program (TO)

Phone: 312-355-4154


My overarching research goal is to understand how cancer progression and therapeutic resistance occur and define new means to treat aggressive disease.

I am utilizing my knowledge in cancer biology to develop a translational research program studying roles for clinically observed kinase and phosphatase alterations in advanced prostate cancer.

One of my interests is the MAPK signaling pathway. While classical KRAS-activating mutations are rarely observed in prostate cancer, other alterations in the MAPK pathway are common, including gene amplifications and BRAF fusions.

The central aim is to assess the biological implications of clinically observed MAPK alterations for therapeutic response and aggressiveness of disease in order to develop novel biomarkers and treatment strategies that will improve disease outcomes for patients with advanced prostate cancer.


PhD, Netherlands Cancer Institute

Disease Focus

Prostate Cancer

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