Peter Gann, ScD, MD


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Dr. Peter Gann is the founding Director of the Division of Research in the Department of Pathology and is currently Co-Leader of the Prostate Cancer Working Group at the University of Illinois. He has served as a program leader and Executive Committee member in the Cancer Centers at Northwestern and UIC for over 20 years. For the past several years Dr. Gann has taught a graduate course entitled Molecular Epidemiology and Biomarker Development, reflecting his longstanding interest in the design and analysis of biomarker-related research relevant to breast and prostate cancer. Dr. Ganns current projects focus on the development of innovative applications of digital image analysis, including computer vision, for predictive markers in cancer, and the evaluation of the impact of genomic predictive biomarkers in prostate cancer. Much his my recent administrative and research effort has been focused on the racial disparity in prostate cancer, which is very evident in African American neighborhoods in Chicago.His research is focused on molecular epidemiology and biomarker development; chemoprevention; and prostate cancer.

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