Neeta Venepalli, MBA, MD

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Translational Oncology Program

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I am a medical oncologist with clinical research interests in phase 1 trial development and clinical research, biomedical informatics, and quality improvement.I have been collaborating since 2012 in the interdisciplinary field of biomedical informatics. Additionally, I have been a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Health Information Technology (HIT) Work Group since 2013; the groups goals are to develop cancer-specific data sharing standards (interoperability standards), and actively comment on government legislation and policies and positions proposed by other professional societies as they relate to health information technology, standards, and inoperability.Currently, I am a collaborator on a project called Mobilizing for Patient Adherence to Cancer Therapies (mPACT), which has involved development and piloting of a mobile health education application for cancer patients receiving oral chemotherapy to improve patient adherence and compliance.My experiences in conducting interdisciplinary projects is also reflected in my quality improvement multidisciplinary research (with the goal of improving patient safety and quality of care), and phase 1 clinical trial development.Her research is focused on phase 1 trial development, clinical research, biomedical informatics and quality improvement.

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