Mateusz Wietecha, PhD, DMD

Assistant Professor

Department of Oral Biology

College of Dentistry

Research Program

Cancer Biology (CB)

Phone: (740) 802-5719

Email: [email protected]

Humans have a remarkable ability to heal after injury, involving coordinated actions of many cell populations and their products. Cancer encapsulates the entire healing process becoming dysregulated, and it has been described as a “wound that fails to heal”. Oral mucosa has greater regenerative potential than skin, but oral tumors are more aggressive than their more common counterparts in the skin. We investigate such parallels between healing and cancer formation using multi-omics and imaging.

Disease Focus

Head And Neck; Skin

Research Keywords

Wound Healing; Tumor Microenvironment; Oral Cancer; Fibrosis; Genomics; Single Cell Transcriptomics; Spatial Transcriptomics

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