Maarten Bosland, DVSc, PhD


College of Medicine


Translational Oncology Program

Associate Member

Phone: 312-355-3724


Dr. Maarten Bosland has focused his career on cancer research, particularly studying the causes and chemoprevention of prostate cancer and other malignancies using approaches in cell culture, animal models, human tissue studies, and clinical trials for over 30 years. His role is to provide collaboration regarding the histopathology of cancer and other lesions in preclinical animal studies as well as assistance in their design and conduct. Dr. Bosland is a veterinarian with specialty training in experimental pathology and holds board certification in laboratory animal pathology and laboratory animal science in the Netherlands. He has experience in animal models of cancer, experimental pathology (particularly prostate, mammary gland, intestinal, adrenal, pulmonary, and skin pathology in animal cancer models), cancer chemoprevention (particularly regarding antioxidants and natural substances), and hormonal and chemical carcinogenesis, as well as with human clinical trials of prostate cancer. He has collaborated with other investigators on carcinogenesis, chemoprevention, and therapeutic studies in the past resulting in many publications.His research is focused on prostate cancer, hormonal carcinogenesis cancer, chemoprevention and laboratory animal pathology.

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