Konstantinos Chronis, PhD

Assistant Professor

Cancer Biology

Associate Member

Phone: (312) 355-8012

Email: chronis@uic.edu

The Chronis lab focuses on the epigenetic mechanisms that maintain pluripotency and on dissecting the principles that are required for cellular differentiation and reprogramming processes during development and cancer. Within this context we are studying three fundamental problems: (i) How do Transcription Factors reprogram somatic genetic networks towards a pluripotent state to ultimately understand what makes the differentiated state so remarkably stable (ii) A second major project involves delineating the genomic site binding rules and regulatory factor function in early mammalian development and during lineage separation at single cell resolution. (iii) We develop novel methodologies towards the engineering of customized hematopoietic stem cells and T lymphocytes to treat blood related malignancies. To address our questions, we employ a combination of multi-omic approaches, genome engineering, single cell tool development and computational technologies

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