Kejia Cai, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Radiology

University of Illinois College of Medicine Chicago

Research Program

Cancer Biology (CB)

Kejia Cai, PhD, is a tenured Associate Professor of Radiology and Bioengineering in the Department of Radiology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His research interests include developing novel metabolic and non-invasive MRI techniques for cancer research of various cancer types. He joined the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) in 2013, and he has extensive experience in multidisciplinary fields, including physics, biology, medicine and particularly medical imaging. He leads an independent MRI research group at the College of Medicine. He was among the first to develop targeted Paramagnetic (PARACEST) MRI. Several papers, published in high profile journals, on CEST MRI theories and applications, document him as an expert in CEST MRI and data processing. He also has research experience on animal models and histopathological studies.

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Research Keywords

Cancer Metabolism, MRI, Medical Imaging, Radiology
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