Jessie Chin, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Applied Health Sciences

Biomedical and Health Information Sciences

Cancer Prevention And Control

Associate Member

Phone: 312-996-7337


Dr. Jessie Chin is a Research Assistant Professor of Biomedial and Health Information Sciences. Her research focuses on detecting false cancer-prevention related information (e.g., human papillomavirus (HPV)-vaccine and e-cigarettes), investigating the impact of false cancer-related information on risk perceptions and cancer-prevention behavior, and investigating the search, comprehension, integration and decision-making processes of mixed cancer-related information across the lifespan.

She has interdisciplinary research experience in cognitive science and human-computer interaction, especially in using quantitative models to investigate how adults search, select and uptake (read and learn) from a huge amount of text information across the lifespan in the context of healthcare.

Dr. Chin established research records adopting psycholinguistic methods, statistical and computational modeling to develop quantitative models to determine how adults process text information with different linguistic properties across the lifespan, make decisions on what information to uptake, and when to stop searching for more information. 

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