Dr. David Peace

I have the expertise, training, and motivation necessary to successfully contribute to the proposed research project. I am a board certified oncologist with clinical expertise in genitourinary and hematological malignancies. I am a member of the University of Illinois’ Cancer Center and our Cancer Center’s Clinical Trial Executive Advisory Board. I belong to our institution’s prostate cancer working group and participate actively in our multidisciplinary GU tumor board. My research is directed towards the development of effective immunotherapies for the treatment of prostate cancer. I have an extensive background in the development and management of clinical trials. I am actively involved in health disparities research. I am a member of the Health Disparities Committee of the Alliance Clinical Trials Cooperative Group. For a number of years, I directed our institutions clinical trials office and our Minority Based Community Oncology Program. Our division is involved in several international collaborations in Nepal, India, Ukraine and Nigeria to improve clinical care of cancer patients. The current project will complement these efforts in a synergistic fashion. As a long standing fellowship program director in one of the most heterogeneous, multicultural academic centers in the U.S.A, I have extensive experience in training and educating individuals from a diverse array of cultural and ethnic identities. I am deeply aware of the importance of culturally adapted communication and effective coordination for implementation of project objectives at the international level. The current application will be facilitated by my expertise and commitment.

Degree: MD

Title: Professor

College:  College of Medicine  at Chicago

Department: Medicine – Hematology/Oncology

Program: Translational Oncology

Member Type:Research Member

PubMed: link

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