Dr. David Marquez

I have a background in Kinesiology, Psychology, and Public Health, most notably in physical activity and cognition of older Latinos. My expertise in physical activity among minorities has been recognized in several ways. First, I served as a Consultant on the Physical Activity & Fitness Working Group for the PhenX project of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Second, I was recently selected as one of 17 people on the 2018 Federal Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee. I also serve on the CDC Healthy Brain Initiative Road Map Leadership Committee, and am a member of the Expert Panel of the Alzheimer’s Association Special Report on Hispanics/Latinos. I am currently Leader of the Latino Core of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center (3P30AG010161-25S1), a prospective study that is recruiting and enrolling older Latinos without dementia who agree to annual, detailed clinical evaluations and collection of ante-mortem biologic specimens; and neurological examinations and neuropsychological and motor performance testing. I have also been involved with several federally-funded, interdisciplinary, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) examining the cognitive, functional, and psychosocial changes as a result of physical activity interventions. Currently I have two lines of research examining the physical activity and cognition of older Latino adults. I was Principal Investigator (PI) of a small-scale RCT funded by the Alzheimer’s Association which tested the impact of the BAILAMOS dance program we created on physical and cognitive functioning; and I was funded with an NIH R01 (1 R01 NR013151-01), a large-scale RCT of the impact of the BAILAMOS© dance program on cognitive and physical function of older Latinos. I have also conducted two small trials, one to determine the feasibility of implementing BAILAMOS© in older Latinos with cognitive impairment (LUCID); and one to test the impact of BAILAMOS© on brain network functional connectivity of older Latinos using MRI (iBAILA).

Degree: PhD

Title: Associate Professor

College:  Applied Health Sciences

Department: Kinesiology and Nutrition

Program: Cancer Prevention and Control

Member Type:Associate Member